Tom Clancy wrote America well: Column

While it’s been great to be working on some book chapters, I’ve had woefully little time to write about current pop culture these last few months.  Then Tom Clancy died and I put down the research, at least for a little while.

A big thanks to the USAToday for giving me a opportunity to reflect on the role Clancy’s work played in American political ideology and global confidence.

” Moviegoers and summer readers will surely feel the loss after his last book comes out in December. But even before his death, we were all feeling the loss of the world that his novels evoked.

Complex characters in delicate, dangerous situations operating from a sense of moral certainty about their political actions are the heart of a Clancy novel. Try to find that certainty today in fiction or in real life.

Clancy’s page counts ran high, a function of dense narratives in which strong personalities, complicated military technology and high political stakes collided. Amid a realistically cluttered calculus of international variables, however, the men and women — well, let’s be honest, mostly men — of Clancy’s U.S. government believe in a right answer, a right thing to do and then take the risks to do it. …

Read the rest at  Tom Clancy wrote America well via USAToday.


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